Gorna Banya is one of the prestigious districts of Sofia. It has been known for centuries for its healing mineral springs.

The complex consists of four luxury houses in Gorna Banya, close to some of the most elite schools in the capital. They are designed and built as a gated complex with their own security and maintenance. The location is in accordance with the natural features and beautiful views of the city and Vitosha Mountain.

The houses are grouped two by two so that each of them has its own richly landscaped yard, separated from the neighboring ones, by an openwork fence.

Each home has its own outdoor barbecue and a large terrace.

With their architecture, the houses stand out from the surrounding buildings, giving their future owners all the comforts they need for a sophisticated and demanding client, as well as a vision for people with sophisticated taste.

Using mostly natural materials - ceramic bricks, ceramic tiles, natural stone, etc. as well as the rich landscaping, the necessary comfort and closeness to nature are achieved.

The interiors are designed in the characteristic modern and clean style of the buildings. Mostly natural materials for their construction and high-end kitchen and bathroom equipment are provided.


- First floor: Spacious living room with cozy corner with fireplace, dining room and kitchen, laundry room, toilet, hall;

- Second floor: Three separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, two closets, an entrance;

- Third floor: Spacious study with a bathroom, a spacious terrace with panoramic views of Vitosha and Sofia.

- Balconies description: One terrace on the first floor, two on the second floor, 3 on the third floor.

- Each house has a garage for 2 cars.

- Each house has storage facilities.

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